Recommended Reading

This page is some recommended reading that I have found useful. This list will start small and as I buy more and learn more I will throw up my favourites that really helped.

Each book will have a brief review of what it has inside and what I learned from it as well which should help more with a decision.

When I started my journey of leash reactivity I didn’t know where to look, let this resource page be your guide!!

Happy reading!

A great book about empowering your dog, giving them the option to make choices that allow them to realise their trigger (others dogs, skateboards, kids etc) actually aren’t as bad as they think.

This book provides a lot of information on the importance of working under your dogs threshold, it also provides leash skills to learn how to walk using this method.

I learned a lot from here not only to help me with reactivity but it changed how I was going about it, for example I tried to avoid Jasper sniffing when we were working on reactivity because I thought it would “rile him up” but in fact ts a way of giving information, the more information he has about the surrounding area then the more confident he feels…game changer!


An essential book not just those with reactive dogs, but dog owners in general. Learn more about the canine, aggression issues, how dogs learn and how things have changed.

This book helps you understand your companion more, changing your perspective on certain situations.

Great read!

A book that breaks it all down for you. This book is fantastic for anyone with a fearful or reactive dog. Learn about the emotional side of the behaviour and how you can build on it without changing the personality of your dog!

Broken down nice and easy so you too can understand things from the perspective of your dog.

This collection of books was so informative, even individually, they all serve a specific purpose in setting a foundation for your reactive dog.

It breaks down essential skills that can greatly increase the confidence of your dog and make your walks easier.