A quick Baskerville Ultra Muzzle review. You never know when you’ll need a muzzle, let it be a trip to the vet or you’ve got a rescue dog with no history or maybe you just have a reactive dog. Whatever the reason the amount of peace of mind you get is unreal!

Baskerville ultra muzzle review

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Making the right choice

It can be a tough decision but dog muzzles prevent biting. A lot of people see it as a bad thing, as the dog is uncontrollable and reactive and that’s the only thing we can do. That’s true, partly. Yes the dog may be uncontrollable or maybe just even unpredictable, they may not even have a bite history but it’s not the only thing we can do!

There are plenty of options to get your dog the help it needs if you don’t have time with the most popular being getting private help from a trainer or undergoing leash aggression training which could be the help you need if your dog is problematic in public.

You might not even have a reactive dog but you don’t know how they’ll do at the vets or when your grandkids come around etc.

A muzzle is more of a responsible choice, not all dogs who wear muzzles are bad, it just means you as the owner as responsible enough to factor in worst case scenarios – it’s better to be safe than sorry for you, your dog and everyone else around you.

Switching To A Muzzle

I got Jasper a few months ago and he doesn’t have a bite history from the shelter but he is a leash reactive dog and with him being a Staffy and me being new to all this, a muzzle was on the list.

It took me some time to get one for him, we didn’t end up in any incidents but what made me switch to a muzzle is the fact that a lot of other dog owners let their dogs go up to anyone without proper introduction. The amount of times I had to drag Jasper away from a dog charging at Jasper to play is silly. An incident may not end up being our fault but it could be prevented!

Introduce the muzzle and we are now able to move from these situations more calmly now which has helped a lot. Trying to escape from those situations quickly would just pump Jasper up more making it more harder to control.

We wore the muzzle about a month on and off, when he needed to socialise of when we went for big walks with animals around and now he’s more accustomed to everything we don’t use it as much but knowing I’ve still got it and he is used to it is a huge peace of mind.

So without further ado- here’s the Baskerville Ultra review!


The first thing I noticed when unboxing the muzzle was the strength of the material. It does say it needs hot water so that it can soften and mould but straight away I could tell they weren’t messing around.

Even though he doesn’t have a big mouth on him, Jasper could definitely not get through that!


So just how secure is it you ask? There are a couple of safety features that allow more sense of security such as a clasp lock so when buckled in you can lock it into place. You can also thread the back through the collar which refrains it from falling off.

When I was getting Jasper used to it he’d try taking it off with his pays, by dragging it along the ground and without these features, if he could actually take it off then it could be a problem especially if unnoticed!

The Baskerville muzzle ensures that it can’t come off with these added features.


The muzzle comes in different sizes, all recommended to a breed as well (or you can get the exact measurements and choose the correct one).

My favourite thing about Baskerville is that you can put them in hot water, shape them to the mold of your dogs nose and then cool them down to take the shape. This allows a more personal and comfortable fit for your dog.

You also have the straps as well to tighten and loosen around the head allowing the perfect fit for any dog.

Overall rating

I can’t fault this product, it does everything you need it to do and provides you the added sense of security behind it. With the numerous variations I honestly think the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is one of the best muzzle brands out there; it allows your dog to drink, eat and pant and gives plenty of space and doesn’t restrain them from anything but biting.

As mentioned I really didn’t have to use it for long with Jasper but it really helped especially when it came to leash aggression training and socialising in the parks if we had to.

I highly recommend the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle if you are considering muzzle training and I guarantee you won’t regret it!