Leash Aggression Training

Does Your Dog Struggle With Leash Reactivity?

Do you have a dog that is always on high alert on your walks? A dog that constantly barks and lunges at dogs/people/cats/kids? Do you dread to take your dog out for walks because of how they behave? How they pull everywhere and end up dragging you around?


Well, you’re in the right place!


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If you’re here it means you have a dog that currently struggles with the common issue of being leash reactive. These dogs can be the loveliest dogs in the world behind closed doors, but once they cross that threshold of the door, into the outside world, they’re a different dog completely!

Sound familiar?

I started out this blog with a simple vision, to help dog owners who struggle with reactive dogs. I want this to be a resource for people constantly having to deal with the embarrassment this issue can bring. You can find a lot of information on here ranging from Youtube videos I found useful, to great reads that will help and of course the articles I write.

I was once in your shoes too, I’ve dealt with the same embarrassment and frustration with my dog Jasper. By understanding the issue, it became 10x easier to overcome!

Do You Currently Struggle With…

If you are a struggling owner of a reactive dog (or any dog) then you can find more information here on issues such as…

  • …your dog pulling on the leash
  • …a dog that is completely distracted on walks
  • …walking past dogs nicely
  • …a barking and lunging dog
  • …teaching an alternate behaviour to barking an lunging
  • …a dog that lacks self-control and patience

     I recommend that you start with the Beginners Guide to Leash Reactivity in Dogs for an in-depth look at the issue, and how you can work with your dog to overcome it

    I’d love to hear from you! Whether its feedback, a question, some tips to share, useful resources or even just a funny picture!

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